Hey guys! My name is Simran and I’m here to show you a few tips, tricks, and hacks on how to deal with your life in a classy way. I’m hoping whoever reads my blogs can gain some knowledge out of it. Thank you and let’s get this journey started!


Hey guys, welcome to Sims Way Through Life! My name is Simran and I am 23 years old. Opening a blog has always been a dream but somehow I could never get around to it, and I am most grateful for people who have really motivated me through this phase.

The reason why I wanted to open a blog for myself is because I always wanted to connect with people and share my knowledge with them. This blog is going to be a lifestyle blog and how to “keep your life classy”. You are going to see a lot of life hacks, self-care hacks, skincare hacks, product reviews, best show and movie recommendations, and so much more in the future. My blog is going to be all about positivity and making your days better.

My posting schedule will be Wednesdays’ and Sundays’ because I know how busy our lives can get. My Instagram handle is @simswaythroughlife and you can always follow me there to know more about when my posts will be updated. I also post #mondaymotivation #selfcaresundays if you might be interested in that. My Instagram handle is also linked at the end of my blogs for convenience.

I am hoping you get to learn something from me. Please do like and subscribe to show some support and drop down a comment below or send me an email on simswaythroughlife@gmail.com to connect with me personally. Thank you and Have a nice day!