Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today, we are diving into the topic of self-care. When we hear the word self-care, we think it means “taking care of yourself”. That is true, but oftentimes, when we think of self-care, we end up limiting ourselves to only physically taking care of ourselves. While self-care can mean a lot to different people, to me in the simplest terms means, taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Self-care is deep-rooted and isn’t a one-time thing.

For me, self-care is a practice I learnt at the age of 21, and till then to now, I still cannot say I have mastered it. Self-care takes a very long time and a lot of patience to understand. Here are some tips and tricks I learnt on my journey to self-care.


According to the World Health Organization, the World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October, and yet sometimes, when you tell someone you are taking a mental health day, they often think you are depressed, suffering from anxiety, etc, which honestly isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Taking a mental health day means taking a day off if you are constantly feeling anxious, when you can’t focus on anything, when you feel too over-whelmed all the time, when you feel exhausted but sleep doesn’t help, or when you constantly feel disoriented.

Taking care of your mental health isn’t a luxury, it’s a priority. I know there are certain people who look down on you when you need to take some time off (been there!), I just need you to remember how important you are and how amazingly you handle every aspect of your life.


Yes, I know, this is a very cliché thing to everyone. But trust me on this, sometimes, when you feel like your brain is foggy and you are not able to make a decision or work, it may be because your body isn’t getting enough water and that is making you lethargic. Furthermore, drinking more water can actually reduce your sugar craving, give you fewer headaches, improves your memory, and also helps in weight loss and clearing out your skin.


Taking out time from your day for yourself and to relax is a necessity these days for your mental health. Don’t always be on the move till the point that your exhaustion is carried forward to the next day. This could also mean reading a book, watching some Netflix, or even going out with friends. If you don’t start taking time out of your day to relax, you’re going to end up looking like one of those zombies from the walking dead (and that is not going to be a pretty sight)


When you don’t get the regular eight hours of sleep, it can affect your immune system resulting in you getting sick more often. You suffer from memory and concentration issues, your mood changes, and can also make you gain weight to some extent. We all know how important getting eight hours of sleep is. You of course wouldn’t want your body to go on overdrive and start making you clumsy, in turn leading you to be unproductive at work/school.


Being happy or practicing what makes you happy can have a lot of health benefits. For starters, it can lead to a less stressed-out life, boost your immune system, and even increase your life expectancy. So go outside and get yourself a hobby, or even bring back an old hobby that made you happy because life is too short to be pondering over the fact that happiness can only be found when something MAJORLY good happens.

Albus Dumbledore once said; Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.


Often times, in the midst of the day, we forget that our feelings are also important. We hide it from everyone and sometimes from ourselves what we feel. We deem our feelings as unnecessary and useless when it comes to things we are most passionate about or that bother us the most. Why? Why do we do that? Do we feel this way because there have been situations where we have been told that what we feel isn’t important? Because I have certainly been in those situations. So what I am going to advise you today is, whatever happens never consider your emotions to be unnecessary, because they are not. Every human on earth goes through a set of phases in their life that brings out different emotions they face, and none of those emotions are to be deemed as unnecessary. Embrace your emotions because they are the ones that make you human because, at the end of the day, we all are humans.


Last but not the least, go for a walk. Yes, I know, another cliché, but honestly going for a walk does wonders. Walking improves your mood, helps you sleep better at night, boost your immunity system, and also help relieve joint pains. For me, walking has been a very important step in my weight loss journey. Walking with minimal equipment can be done at any time of day and at your own pace. Always maintain a comfortable pace so that by the time you are done with your walk, you don’t feel breathless.

That’s it for today guys, thank you so much for being here and reading this post. I hope to see you soon in my next post, and in the meantime, please check out my previous posts where I have talked about various other things. Until then, have a nice day and stay safe.

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