Hey guys, welcome back. For today’s topic, we will be talking about the very famous yet somewhat controversial, menstrual cups. Menstrual cups were invented in the 1920s, during the period women in India weren’t even aware of pads. While we all might have heard something or the other about menstrual cups, it’s quite obvious that every woman is a little reluctant in using it. So here are some great benefits of menstrual cups, and why you should make the switch.


Do you know that pads and tampons create more than 200,000 tons of waste in a year? Yes, you read that right. On average, a woman uses 10 pads per cycle. That makes it 120 pads a year, and that makes it 4,800 pads in your entire life. While on the other hand, a menstrual cup lasts you almost 10 years. That makes it 4 menstrual cups your entire life. So if you ask me, I would want to contribute to less waste than we already have on earth.


TSS (AKA Toxic Shock Syndrome) is a very deadly disease that can occur due to tampons. Sometimes, tampons create a certain kind of bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus that can actually be deadly. On the other hand, menstrual cups do not cause TSS because it doesn’t absorb the menstrual blood like a tampon, it collects it. has an article about Toxic Shock Syndrome where they have mentioned that one of the ways to prevent TSS is by using a reusable menstrual cup.


Pads can sometimes cause very irritable rashes. Rashes usually happen because of the Adhesive side on the wings, the Absorbent core, or the fragrances used while manufacturing pads. While these rashes can take up to 10 to 15 days to clear up, they can be a terrible botherance throughout the day. I have personally found that using a menstrual cup has solved this problem. No rashes, no irritation, and no problem right? 


Menstrual cups are a lot more affordable than pads and tampons. While an average packet of pads retails for Rupees 399/-, Menstrual cups range anywhere between Rupees 399/- to 799/- and they can be used for 10 years, hence being more affordable than pads and tampons.  


Menstrual cups are designed in a way that they can be worn for around 12 hours with ease, and without toxic shock syndrome. While on the other hand, tampons and pads are to be worn for not more than 6 hours to avoid yeast infections, bad odour and also rashes. 

It is time for us to break the old century norms and start embracing the new generation ways adapting to what works best for our environment today. 

Yes, getting used to a menstrual cup isn’t an easy, quick, and first try thing. It will take you a few cycles to get used to it without leaking, and once you get the hang of it, you will finally realize why they are better. I have a few brands of menstrual cups I recommend that are listed as follows:

  1. Sanfe Reusable Menstrual Cup – Price Rupees 499/-
  2. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup – Price Rupees 399/-
  3. Pee Safe Menstrual Cups – Price Rupees 499/-
  4. everteen® Menstrual Cup – Price Rupees 455/-
  5. Namyaa Ultra Soft Reusable Menstrual Cup – Price Rupees 499/-

So to answer the question, are menstrual cups better than tampons and pads? According to me, they definitely are. From the price to the usage, menstrual cups are certainly a better option. 

That’s it for today guys, I hope you learnt something new and enjoyed this post. Please note, these are only my opinions and I am not forcing anyone to make the shift. Hey, to each his own right! Until next time, Adios, thank you for being here and stay safe!

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