As a woman, one accessory you can have that will style your look and also hold all your stuff is a PURSE. But finding a good purse can be tricky sometimes. I still remember that I went through so many purses before I found the perfect one for me. Here is a list of purses that will surely work for you.

1. Fostelo Women’s Style Diva Handbag:

Fostelo Women’s Style Diva Handbag

Starting with the biggest purse, this handbag is perfect for those ladies who have so much to put in their purse for daily use. This purse holds an enormous amount of stuff and it looks classy. It has a leather finish, 2 standard straps, 2 opening pockets (one outside and one inside), and an external zipper compartment. It comes in a variety of shades such as Tan, Cream, Black, Light pink, Purple etc.

You can get yours from

2. Fostelo Women’s Zara Handbag:

Fostelo Women’s Zara Handbag

This purse is a classy addition to a collection. This is a relatively compact purse than the one mentioned above but this seriously holds a lot of product. The details on this purse are so beautiful and classy they make going to work a little better. This purse also has a leather finish with dual colors above and bottom, 2 standard straps, 2 pocket openings, and one external zipper compartment. It comes in 2 shades Tan and Blue. This is one purse I also mentioned in my Amazon finds and must-haves

You can get yours from

3. Lino Perros Women’s Handbag:

Lino Perros Women’s Handbag

I have had an eye on this purse for a very long time and when I got it in my hands, my excitement was beyond par. This purse holds a classy touch and feels amazing. This purse has a glossy finish with 2 standard straps, 1 zip, and a spacious compartment. It comes in only 1 black color. It is relatively thin but still holds quite a lot of product in it.

You can get yours from

4. GLOSSY Girls’ Sling Bag:

GLOSSY Girls’ Sling Bag

This was the first purse I got that ended me down in a rabbit hole of purses. Even though this is a sling bag, the amount of stuff it can hold is actually shocking. This purse has one long adjustable strap, 2 zipper compartments, and 3 external zipper compartments. This purse comes in a wide range of colors such as Grey, Black, Blue, Brown, and Khakhi.

You can get yours from

5. Dailyobjects Women’s Clutch / Sling Bag:

Dailyobjects Women’s Clutch / Sling Bag

I have been a fan of Dailyobjects for a long time. Each piece they make is like a work of art. From the design to the feeling of it, these purses are one of the best qualities in the market. They have a standard long adjustable strap, 2 compartments, and a zip pocket. They have so many colors and prints in this range that it is actually hard to choose from.

You can get yours from

That’s it for today guys, I hope you liked this blog. Please like and follow my blog for more content coming soon. Leave me a comment down below with a purse you recommend for me to try out. Until then, adios, thanks for being here, and stay safe! Xoxo……

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