YouTube is one of those platforms used by so many people to spread knowledge, happiness, and laughter. Even though this platform can be toxic sometimes, we shall not be talking about that because on this blog, we only focus on the positive. For me, YouTube is the end of the day unwinding time that I can just turn my brain off and watch a few videos. With time, I have stuck to a few creators who post quality content and are easy on the eyes.

1. Bailey Sarian:

This channel is the live evidence of good and quality content. I recently started watching her and you can imagine I have binge-watched more than half of the content she has posted. She posts Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Mondays where she talks about true crime while also doing her makeup and regular makeup and lifestyle videos on Saturdays. This girl literally has the ability to make anything funny and entertaining. I 100% recommend following her because I am sure that you will fall in love with the way Bailey talks about true crime and makeup.

You can find her channel here:

2. Denitslava Makeup:

Coming up with another female YouTuber, this one is surely such a delight to see. Her crazy wittiness and childish giggles can make you fall in love with her instantly. She is a pro in makeup and makes really good Get-Ready-With-Me videos where you can see how jolly she is. She also has her own channel where she does more unboxing and random lifestyle stuff that is hilarious and light-hearted.

You can find her channels here:,

3. emmymadeinjapan:

If you are interested in watching cooking and different recipes this is a must-watch channel. Emmy makes the most amazingly hilarious and informational videos and she honestly is such a delight to watch. Her soft melodious voice is like jingle bell to the ears. She creates the most amazing content every week debunking curious food such as “Turning leftover mashed potatoes into fudge and Making pie out of Sprite”.

You can find her channel here:

4. Hyram AKA Skincare by Hyram:

The reason why I became so obsessed with Skincare was that I started watching Hyram’s channel. This skincare enthusiast is the sassiest yet an informative person who makes skincare so easy to understand. Often when I have a skincare question, I know I am going to find the answer on Hyrams channel.

You can find his channel here:

5. James and Robert Welsh:

I have mentioned the welsh twins in my previous post about Podcasts, and their YouTube channels are too good not to be mentioned again. James Welsh is a Skincare enthusiast who does in-depth reviews about skincare goods and gives really good tips. On the other hand, Robert Welsh is a professional makeup artist who does a lot of makeup related content on his channel. These 2 have a combined channel as well known as The Welsh Twins where they talk about both makeup and skincare. Their channels have helped me through my skincare and makeup journey.

You can find their channels here:,,

6. Rachhloves and Rachhloves Life:

If you are interested in makeup and also food, these channels are the perfect match for you. From testing new makeup to testing Tasty food recipes, these channels have it all. The host Rachel is so fun to watch because of how funny she really is. Her channel is full of light and humor, you will surely binge watch her.

You can find her channels here:,

That’s it for today! I hope you found this post helpful. I will be doing part 2 very soon so stay tuned for that. Leave me a comment down below on YouTube channels you like to see. Until then, adios, thanks for being here, and stay safe. Xoxo…….

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