Having soft and supple lips is a dream every girl dreams of. Especially in the winter times, when your lips just peel off. There are certain things you can do here and there to maintain the softness of your lips during these crazy winter times. Here is my daily lip care routine for you.


Just like our face, our lips need exfoliation too, and that certainly doesn’t mean that you buy expensive products / lip scrubs. What I like to do is, mix a few drops of honey with a pinch of sugar, exfoliate your lips with it and voila! Your lips are rid of pesky dead skin. Another method I really like is applying Vaseline petroleum jelly and exfoliating an extra toothbrush. While that method may be harsh for your lips, it surely works and that why I only recommend it when your dead skin on your lips become a little too harsh or once a month.

2. MASK:

Lip mask for me is very important, and I have been in situations where I had bought expensive lip sleeping masks that just did not work, and that’s when I gravitated towards a more natural way, Honey! Honey has so many benefits for your lips and it can really nourish it from within removing any fine lines. It is also a natural agent for lightening your lips too while removing any unnecessary dark patches. What I do in this method is to take some honey in the back of the spoon and just apply it to my lips. You don’t even have to wash it off because honey is edible and tastes DELICIOUS!


When I tell people I use Hyaluronic Acid on my lips, I often get weird glances and people telling me “aren’t you supposed to use that on your face?” Yes, you are. Hyaluronic acid is a great hydrating agent that deeply soothes your skin, removes fine lines, and I also like what it does for my lips. It makes my lips smooth and helps me with those pesky little lines on them. Hyaluronic acid is great for plumping up the skin and lips and often times it is also used in lip fillers. A drop of Hyaluronic Acid is just enough to do wonders on your lips.


This is a standard step for everyone at this point. The situation winters leave your lips in is insanely terrible. I have gone through so many days where my lips have been so painful that I couldn’t even talk. I used so many lip balms and none of them did anything good to my lips until I got my hands on Vaseline that I had lying around for some time. Since I had used so many lip balms already, I saw no hard in using one more, and boy did this work as a miracle for me. Vaseline really made my lips so soft and supple.

5. SPF:

I cannot exaggerate this enough but SPF IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. The sun can cause a lot of damage to our skin and our lips making them dry, rough, swollen and also pigmented. With time, chronic exposure to the sun can lead to sunburned lips and cancer as well. That’s why whenever I leave the house, I make sure to take a little bit of sunscreen and apply it to my lips.

Taking care of your lips is an extremely important part. I hope you liked and learnt something new from this post. Comment down below what your lip care routine is. Until then, adios, thanks for being here and stay safe! Xoxo….

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