When it comes to Netflix, the more suggestions the better. You can see me in front of Netflix almost all of my free time. Whether that be a lazy Sunday in or late-night Netflix and chill I am always looking for a good and new Netflix recommendation, and over the years, I have certainly listed a few that have been my favorite. I posted a Netflix watches part one on my blog so you can go check that out too.


Now if you have been watching Netflix for a while you already know what this series is about. The plot between a couple of friends and how they go about living their hi-fi lives being socialites while being stalked by some girl who writes all about their lives to the world is honestly too fun to watch. This show has its moments and I can see why it’s a fan favorite after watching the seasons.


If you like space and sci-fi dramas, this one is just for you. This movie makes me weep every time I see it. The story begins with people hibernating to a different planet which is 125 light-years away from earth. The way the characters have depicted this story is just too amazing. It’s a must-watch for everyone.


Christmas movies are my favorite ones to watch. Especially when the holiday season is so close. I recently discovered these 2 movies and honestly they have been playing on loop ever since. The role of Santa is played by Kurt Russel and if you ask me, no one would have been able to play Santa better. The first movie plot revolves around Kate and Teddy Pierce who evidently ruin Christmas. Now as true believers, Santa, Kate, and Teddy must race against time to save Christmas. The second movie was released quite recently and its plot is almost but not as similar to the last.


On days when I feel down, I always gravitate towards Iliza Shlesingers stand-up comedies. This girl talks about all the real-life issues a woman faces more funnily. She has 6 Stand-up comedy episodes on Netflix and all of them are binge-worthy episodes. PS: only watch if you are ready for laughing so hard until your stomach hurts.


If you are an organization buff like me, this show is just for you. We all know The Home Edit on Instagram and their amazingly aesthetic feed. This show is all about 2 women who run The Home Edit and they go to Star Houses and organize and redecorate for them. The insight these ladies have is just so amazing and definitely worth a watch.


From the fashion to the view of Paris, this series has it all. For someone who has always had a dream to visit Paris, this series surely excites me even more. The story revolves around Emily getting a promotion and going to Paris. How she combats her employees hating her to living a decent life in Paris is worth a watch. This series just has 1 season out and I am hoping the second releases soon.


A movie that really changed the way I looked at life was Girls Trip. This movie revolves around 4 best friends taking a trip to a music festival in New Orleans. How these 4 best friends combat their way through life is something every girl needs to see. This movie has it all, drama, friendship, comedy, and emotions.


If you are interested in baking and also want to watch something funny, this series is just for you. The host of this series, Nicole Byer, and Chef Jacques Torres give amateur bakers a task of making the most luxurious and difficult baking items to bake. How the bakers fail is the most hilarious thing ever. That combined with Nicole Byer’s comedic approach is just too funny.


Growing up, I was a big fan of Nancy Drew books. So when this movie came out on Netflix, I jumped the bus and watched it immediately. According to me, Nancy Drew is the best young detective ever. This movie revolves around how boring Nancy’s life is in the small town she is living in with her dad. She then teams up with one of her nemesis to solve the mystery a mansion holds.


The 16-year-old Enola Holmes runs away from home trying to find her mother, trying to outsmart her brother Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. How she goes through with finding her mum and also trying to help a runaway lord is a must-watch. This witty and exciting movie will keep you interested and on your toes the whole time.

That’s it for today. I hope you like my recommendations. Please like and follow my blog for more content and also leave a few of your favorite Netflix suggestions in the comments for me to see as well. Until then, adios, thank you for being here, and stay safe!

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