Instagram is such a fun place, innit? It literally has all kinds of people there. From people making funny videos to educational videos, all in between and beyond, and for as long as I have been on Instagram, I have found a few good influencers that really give out meaningful content. Also, as we are on the topic of Instagram, go follow me there too @simswaythroughlife. Here are a few of my recommendations for you.

1. Skincare by Loreal:

So I recently started following this page and I have to say, the tips that I have got, really changed my skincare game. Their content is full of really good tips, tricks, and product recommendations. They occasionally do this and that comparisons like the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen, the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, etc that will help you better in knowing the different types of skincare products available.

2. Miss.Excel:

If you are an excel buff like me, you will surely love this page. This excel genius really gives out good tips and tricks that are very helpful in daily excel activities. She also has her own excel course which surely does provide good value. She also provides really cool freebies that will up your excel game in no time.

3. Hubman and Chubgirl:

This page was one of the firsts that I followed on Instagram. Back then, they used to make black and white comics about their life, and now as they have grown and started a family of their own, they have upped their game and make even more amazing content. They are relatable, funny and so heartwarming.

4. Emily the Recruiter:

If you have interview questions or you need tips and tricks, this account is for you. She gives out really helpful tips and I have mentioned her podcast in my Spotify Podcasts to listen blog. Her light-hearted content will really get you hooked till the fact you would binge watch her content. She is relatable, fun, and knowledgeable with years of recruiting experience

5. Jeenie Weenie:

If you like funny videos, she’s your girl! The host of this page is a part of cabin crew and makes great content about Things you didn’t know about cabin crew and flight-related content. Her funny videos will make you laugh for hours. You will surely fall in love with her light-hearted content and humor.

That’s it for today guys, leave me a comment down below which Instagrammer you follow for fun content. Until then, adios, thanks for being here, stay safe!

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