Perfumes are essential in your everyday routine. They make you smell good and they give the person in front of you something to remember you for. Did you know, a lot of times, people remember us through how we smell? So if you don’t smell that good, people will remember that eventually ending any chances you have with them; career-wise or relation-wise. Here is a list of perfumes that will surely work wonders for you. Also, go follow me on Instagram to know when my posts go live at @simswaythroughlife. I do regular Guides and Reels too.


I have mentioned this perfume before in a blog “My Favorite Nykaa Products”. After that post, I went one step ahead and purchased all 7 minis that were available, that’s how much I adore these perfumes. As we all know, Nykaa is a well-known brand that has risen its name in the past few years. So it was bound that I would go out of my way to purchase these scents.

These perfumes come in full and mini sizes both ranging from Rupees 1800/- to Rupees 249/- respectively, and they come in a spray form. These perfumes last all day long and have scents for any time of the day. From floral fragrances to spicy fragrances these perfumes have it all.

You can get yours from &


This is one of the luxury perfumes I swear by. The scent lasts all day till you have to wash your clothes to get it off. They recently released the mini versions of these perfumes and I feel the mini ones are better for trial. These also come in a spray form and they have 6 scents and each of them just blows your mind away. It’s like I can’t choose which one I like best, they are all just perfectly splendid. These perfumes are a collaboration by none other than Masaba Gupta, the up and coming fashion designer.

You can get yours from &


So I recently got my hands on these perfumes and I have to say, there isn’t anything I don’t like about them. They come in a roll-on bottle and they last the whole day. They are oil-based so I recommend only a little on your pulse points. They come in 4 scents that go with any occasion. You can get them individually or in a set.

You can get yours from


I have had my eye on these perfumes for a very long time, and I finally got the chance to get them. These perfumes are compact and definitely cost-effective. They have a wide range of products for men, women and also unisex perfumes. Their tag line is “Dusk till Dawn” and honestly this is perfectly fitting for the quality. These perfumes last you the whole day, from leaving the house in the morning till coming back home at night.

You can get yours from


If you like perfumes that are very subtle and don’t linger a lot, these perfumes are for you. Body and Perfume is a well-known brand that is available in a lot of countries. They have an amazing range of products and they come in a glass bottle, that means less waste and you can reuse the bottles for something else. These are available in spray and roll-on forms, and the spray ones are available in 200ML and 30ML bottles, plus, they are having an amazing Christmas discount going on right now!

You can get yours from


Do you like unique perfumes? So do I. Isn’t it an amazing feeling when there is something that is custom made just for you? Scentality does just that. This brand makes a unique scent just for you by filling in a form. Bonus tip, they also carve your name on the bottle. Apart from creating custom perfumes for you, they also have perfumes that you can buy if you are not interested in customizing them. They may be on the more expensive side compared to the ones mentioned above, but they do provide good service and exquisite perfumes. It comes in 3 variants of spray form for you to choose which one you find better for your use.

You can get yours from


Coming back to the most cost-effective perfume in this post, the engage w series is surely a scent every woman needs. These are long-lasting scents and they are available in 4 fragrances. These retail for Rupees 200/- for a 120ML bottle.

You can get yours from

That’s it for today guys, leave me a comment down below which fragrance you like. Until then, adios, thanks for being here, and stay safe! Xoxo…..

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