We all have to agree 2020 wasn’t much of a proud year for most of us. Our goals, resolutions, and the paths we wanted to walk on pretty much went all shattered right in front of our eyes. That’s why for some of us, 2021 isn’t just about making it better, and it’s also about realigning all our 2020 goals to this year too. That’s why I am bringing you 2 ways you can conquer 2021 GRACEFULLY.


When it comes to resolutions, most of us go for the yearly resolution part. When exactly has that ever worked out for anyone? It certainly hasn’t for me. That’s why I tried to switch it up a bit this year. From yearly resolutions, I decided to make weekly resolutions. These weekly resolutions make me more active and help me understand my goals for that week. You don’t have to make weekly resolution goals at the start of the year. You can make your goals as the weeks arrive. Let’s just say we are in day 3 of the New Year and weekly resolutions have helped me better than yearly resolutions ever could.


Considering how 2020 went, I wouldn’t be so alarmed if I eventually started feeling down. That’s why I often go for the daily affirmations approach. I use an app known as I am – Daily Affirmations to help me stay motivated. This app gives you a reminder on your set time that helps you get through the day more motivated and fresh. It is necessary to give ourselves the boost we need because at the end of the day you can always count on yourself. You are the hero of your story.

2020 hasn’t been a very cheerful year, it kind of makes you appreciate the little things we have. Write me a comment down below what effort you have made to make 2021 better for you. Remember one thing, charity starts from home, and the permanent home you will always be in is yourself.

Until then, adios, thanks for being here, and stay safe. Xoxo………..

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