When it comes down to mental health, I have my views very clear. Mental health has always been very dominant in my life. As growing up, like every other pre-teen and teen, I went through some anxiety, stress, and depressive stages.

Those stages made me realize how important it was to take care of myself now more than ever. While it took me more than 5 years to get my mental health in order, I picked up a few resources on my way that truly helped me. I have a number of posts up on my blog regarding mental health and self-care which will be mentioned at the end of the blog, so keep an eye out for that.

This post will only be about mobile applications because if there is one thing I have noticed and learnt, we tend to spend more time on our phones, instead of in the real world, and while too much phone time may be harmful to us, why not actually utilize it. So here are some tried and tested resources that will help you in your mental health.

  1. Inner Hour Self-care Therapy – For anxiety and depression
  2. Sanvello – For anxiety, depression, and stress
  3. Wysa – For stress, sleep, and mindfulness therapy
  4. Intellect – Work on your traits, habits, and behaviors
  5. #selfcare – This allows you to destress while playing mindful games
  6. Better Help – Online counseling and therapy
  7. Womaze – For self-care and motivation
  8. Joy – For morning self-care routine
  9. 365 Gratitude Journal – Makes you write what you are grateful for
  10. Daily Affirmation – To fill your day with positivity and affirmations.

Blogs about mental health you need to read:

That’s it for today guys, do check out the resources above and let me know how you feel about them. Until then, adios, thanks for being here, stay safe. Xoxo……….

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